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Posse Paper Goods is inspired by the imagination, using dreamy colors to illustrate playful expressions from the human experience.

About the brand

Posse Paper Goods was established in 2020 by freelance illustrator and designer, Kait Culbertson. During the early days of the pandemic, imagining friends and family as kings, queens, jacks and jokers led to the design and production of an actual set of playing cards. The name for the deck that immediately came to mind was "Posse", and that's when Posse Paper Goods was born.  With the belief that you are a reflection of the company you keep, the word "Posse" represents more than just a set of cards — it's a reminder of the importance of human connection and collective experiences. Since the brand's debut, Posse has grown to include an array of products and services, with emphasis on digital illustration. Offerings include portraits, custom greeting cards, sticker design, frisbee/disc design, animation, custom branding and giclée printing –– just to name a few. 

About Kait Culbertson

Kait Culbertson is a self-taught illustrator, designer and creative from Little Rock, Arkansas. Her work focuses on themes of positivity and tenderness with bold, bright colors. Growing up admiring stationery, prints and packaging she started to design her own. 

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